About Us

Our History

Founded in 2002, LearnGauge is a multi-disciplinary team that has proven its mettle by creating and implementing assessment, learning and competency management systems for such name brands as Pepsi, Ford, Motorola, Steelcase, Daimler-Chrysler and General Motors. In their previous employment LearnGauge team members developed training systems that supported more than 1 million users annually. The LearnGauge team brings more than thirty years of combined experience in helping companies achieve improved performance through technology supported learning and assessment systems.

The LearnGauge team consists of a rare combination of systems experts that have advanced degrees in instructional design, project managers who understand the organizational challenges of implementing learning and competency systems, and assessment specialists who have designed innovative models to both measure and improve the transfer of training – greatly enhancing both the return on the investment in training, and the ability to prove this return. By bridging the worlds of financial discipline, information technology, and employee development, the LearnGauge business development team has the experience to develop solutions that exceed expectations and help organizations drive improved performance.

Our Approach

LearnGauge recognizes how critical the reliable and accurate delivery of technology services is to our clientele. Critical training and measurement projects draw high visibility and their success is vital to those who champion these efforts. In order to focus upon the optimal delivery of these services, LearnGauge provides dedicated resources to meet client needs and projects. We work to ensure that knowledge is shared between our organization and our clients to reduce critical resource dependencies and maximize flexibility. By operating in this manner, we are able ensure that we can allow our clients to meet the unpredictable and challenging nature of today’s business world.