Welcome to LearnGauge!

LearnGauge works closely with our clients and partners to determine if strategic training efforts are actually driving behavioral change, and provides a mechanism for the continued refinement, and improvement of strategic learning initiatives.

Individual Attention

Clients matter to us and so do their problems. Our goals are to improve the performance of our clients and assist them in meeting their goals. Toward that end we provide our clients with individual attention from the senior leadership of our company. 

Global Delivery

Are you a small company with a handful or clients? The Sales channel for a major manufacturer? No matter the size of your organization or that of your client, we can work with you to meet your needs and deliver solutions that are available worldwide 24 hours a day.

Continuous Learning

Learning is never a one step process. We see it as a continuous cycle from where learners first interact with a concept, through the period when they become experts in a topic and teach others. Learning never stops and we seek to enable that process.